Artistic Directors


William Franco & Miki Seifert
are U.S. installation/Butoh performance artists from Los Angeles. They have created installations in galleries, museums and non-traditional settings, including a former county jail, a motel room, and a defunct nursery, and have performed at the Tropico de Nopal, Highways Performance Space, Avenue 50 Studio, Electric Lodge, Track 16, and the streets of Los Angeles, as well as at the U.S.-Mexico border. While working in New Zealand they have created installations at the James Smith, Adams Art Gallery, Museum of Wellington City & Sea, and Mexico Embassy. They have performed Butoh in public spaces, such as Cuba Street and the James Smith Corner, as well as Soundings Stage at Te Papa Tongarewa, The Film Archive and Massey University

Their videos have  been honored with two Southwestern Regional Emmys (U.S.), CINE-Eagle (U.S.),  Duisberg Medaille (Germany), and Gold Seal Award (England) and have been shown  in museums, including the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, San Diego Museum of  Contemporary Art, Washington Projects for the Arts, Phoenix Museum of Art,  London’s Institute of Contemporary Arts, PS 122 in New York, Tijuana Cultural Centre, and Istanbul  Biennial; at film and video festivals in the U.S., England, Ireland, Austria,  Spain, and Germany.

William Franco, 2007 Fulbright Fellow to New Zealand, has a Master of Fine Arts from Massey University, and Bachelor of Fine Arts, Film & Video, from the California Institute for the Arts. He is working on his PhD in interaction installations from a cultural perspective at Te Kawa a Maui/School of Māori Studies at Victoria University.  In addition to producing his own videos, he has worked as a location sound mixer on independent features and documentaries. His extensive production experience in film, video and theatrical/dance performance in location, studio and museum settings has led to his finely-honed technical expertise in lighting, audio and video. He has studied Butoh with Diego Pinon, Don McCleod, Oguri, and Shinichi Momo Koga.

Dr Miki Seifert, recipient of 2010 Victoria Postgraduate Research Excellence Award for Māori Knowledge & Development and 2008 New Zealand International Doctoral Research Scholarship completed her PhD at Te Kawa a Māui/School of Māori Studies at Victoria University of Wellington in 2011. Her research focus was developing a performative research methodology. She has a Bachelor of Arts in French and Political Science from Moravian College. She has studied Butoh with Diego Pinon, Don McCleod, Oguri, Michael Sakamoto/Rochelle Fabb and Shinichi Momo Koga; contact improvisation with Carmella Herman; and modern dance at the Martha Graham and Alvin Ailey Studios in New York. Growing up, she was a competitive gymnast and a circus aerialist.
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